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Individual health services

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Individual health services

Dr. med. Konrad Anneken
General practitioner - Spa doctor - Sports medicine Palliative medicine - Pain therapy (DGS)


Dr. med. Ina Schmerker-Schank-Goldschmidt
General practitioner - Palliative medicine
Nutritional Medicine


Dr. med. Stefan Anneken
Specialist for internal medicine, primary care emergency medicine


Office hours

Monday to Friday     8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Mon, Tue, Thu           2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Acute consultation hour 10 am - noon



Waldstraße 1, 64732 Bad König

Phone 06063 619                                      Fax 06063 5296

Prevention/Check-Up examinations


From the age of 35, a health examination can be carried out every three years at the expense of the health insurance company. This includes a full body examination, urine status and a blood test for sugar and lipid status.

Useful extensions to the health surveillance protocol are, for example

- Rest ECG
- Exercise ECG
- Pulmonary function examination
- Basic laboratory consisting of blood count and other blood fats, liver and kidney values and blood salts.

- Supplementary laboratory for certain risk groups:
- thyroid gland value (TSH)           
- Vitamin status (D, B6, B12,)     
- Iron check (ferritin, transferrin)

Further laboratory tests are possible on request. Prices on request.

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

Ultrasound-supported check-up examinations

- Sono-check (abdominal organs, thyroid gland and carotid arteries)
- Abdominal check (abdominal organs)
- Thyroid Check (Thyroid and Laboratory TSH)
- Cardio check (echocardiography, exercise ECG, individual risk calculation)
- Arteriosclerosis check (sonography of the abdominal artery, intima-media determination of the carotid artery 
  and ankle-arm index measurement using Doppler)



Sports medical examinations

- Preventive sports examination (detailed anamnesis and full body status, resting ECG)
- Sport fitness test (whole body status, resting and stress ECG)
- Diving examination (full body status, resting and exercise ECG, lung function)
- Sport complete check (whole body status, resting and exercise ECG, lung function, echocardiography)


Other useful preventive medical checkups

- Travel medical advice and if necessary travel medical vaccination         
- Vitamin building cure (vitamin B1, B12, folic acid)
- Acupuncture treatment
- Intracutaneous stimulation therapy (wheals)
- Special pain therapy: Attention: duration at first contact up to 120 minutes


Medical services

The issuing of short certificates is a medical service which is therefore chargeable and must therefore be invoiced. If we do not charge for a medical certificate, we are violating the law in terms of unfair competition. These fees are fixed. The costs are calculated according to the effort involved.

You can download our IGel flyer as PDF here.

Health is something you don't appreciate until you've lost it."

                       German proverb

Thanks to medical progress in diagnostics and therapy, we now have the opportunity to decisively influence the quality of life of people.

As a member of a statutory health insurance (SHI), you are entitled to "sufficient, appropriate and economical medical care, which may not exceed the extent of what is necessary" according to the provisions of § 12 SGB V.


This means that the scope for medical action is naturally limited due to the principle of economic efficiency and therefore patients have no right to comprehensive medical care.


Therefore, SHI members are not entitled to benefits that are not covered by the SHI benefits catalogue.


For this reason, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians has drawn up a catalogue of "individual health services" to clarify the borderline between services provided by the statutory health insurance funds and those that do not belong in this area. The official scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ) forms the basis of the calculation method.



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